About Us

Where we started...

Often overlooked, Puglia is an inviting and welcoming area to visit. Puglia is very well connected to many airports within Italy making traveling to Puglia very convenient. Upon your arrival to Puglia, you are greeted with extraordinary views of the region.

Puglia landscape is as diverse as Italy’s cities; from welcoming sun shining, olive orchards, sea side beaches, to hugs and smiles from the people of Puglia all announcing the celebration of life and in a voice that keeps repeating “I’m home. Finally!”

When you take a deep breath, not only will you notice the scents of the Puglia’s region, but also the aroma of extraordinary flavors of the land.

EatPuglia was created by a group of friends that have a long series of experiences from traveling around the world. We are linked only by the ties of friendship and life experiences away from Puglia. Some of us returned, others hope to do so soon, and others have taken root elsewhere. We all share a passion for our land, the good food, and the desire to invest our expertise in the place where we were born or feel at home the most - Puglia.

That is why EatPuglia was created – to share our life, traditions, values, and food.

The project...

From this combination of elements is born the project EatPuglia.

EatPuglia is an e-commerce portal that aims to export Puglia’s culinary tradition through the sale of products known from the area and by the families of Puglia. In truth, EatPuglia will export our culture, our traditions, and the story of the territory in all forms. EatPuglia will offer the life of Puglia through a glass of wine, a Tarallo, a piece of Focaccia of Bari, or a Puccia of Salento.

The products...

The offerings by EatPuglia are high quality products that have been the main staple enjoyed by many Puglia families and now by yours!

EatPuglia offers its customers lower shipping costs thanks to some favorable agreements with our suppliers and transporters. EatPuglia marketing reach will be through its numerous employees located from around the world, as well as contacts within the communities of Puglia.

The quality...

EatPuglia recognizes that an important role is played by its suppliers (strongly selected to ensure our charter of values).

These suppliers not only believe in EatPuglia, but are excited to welcome you to the offerings of the Puglia region that have been enjoyed by their family for many years. These suppliers are manufacturers that share EatPuglia passion and belief that hard work, respect for tradition, and their land make the ingredients for a superior product.

They are committed to excellence and are excited to be part of EatPuglia.

Thank you.