Natural preserve

The canned food have every variety of vegetable preserved in various ways in order to be eaten out of season. Since ancient times they were prepared at home by housewives and stored to be eaten when there were fresh.

With the advent of the food industry, from the mid-nineteenth century, it began the industrial production of canned food. Among the first-ever can be considered processed tomatoes in the version of: past, tomatoes and tomato concentrate. Subsequently it was produced fruit jams and so every type of product stored, depending on the type, oil or brine.

Among the canned food can be considered also other types of foods such as fish oil or to the natural and the meat in gelatine.

From the mid-twentieth century, with the spread of household refrigerators with freezer and the cold chain, spread the frozen products that made much faster meal preparation, especially in those families, more and more, in which both spouses themselves carrying out employment outside the home.

Today this kind of food is widespread and it is expected it will be more and more, gradually that the food industry will be honing its technology for the production of food stored and more and ready to use.